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Address: 200 S. Santa Fe Ave., 4th Floor, Pueblo, CO 81003

Phone: 719-744-5481

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Thank you for your interest in the noxious weed program!  Please contact us using the information listed above.  We will contact you shortly to answer your questions and/or set a time to meet with you for a free property evaluation.  When we show you how easy and cost effective it is to fix any noxious weed problem, we’re sure you will want to participate in our program!


***  Please note that Turkey Creek CD is a volunteer agency and does not employ full-time staff.  We have elected to spend the money that would have gone to hire employees as part of the cost-share for killing noxious weeds!  We do recognize the frustration of not reaching a live person on the phone or waiting for your email to be answered.  This doesn’t mean we don’t want to hear from you; we just ask your patience!  Inquires will be answered within five (5) working days so please be sure to leave good contact information for us to reach you.  ***






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