Noxious Weed Control Incentive: 50% Cost Sharing


Turkey Creek CD offers the following services to all property owners in unincorporated Pueblo County:

***   Free Property Evaluation   ***

***   Free Comprehensive 3-Year Noxious Weed Management Plan   ***

***   Free Follow-Up Inspection and Recommendations   ***

***   50% Cost-Share on Expenses for Controlling Noxious Weeds   ***


Turkey Creek CD, with financial support from the Pueblo County Commissioners and the occasional State grant, is able for to offer property owners in unincorporated Pueblo County a 50% cost-share for the control of noxious weeds.  To provide assistance fairly to all program applicants, cost-share may be limited to $1,000 per property owner, regardless of the size of their property.  Cost-share will be provided as a reimbursement to the property owner when proof control work is provided.


This program is limited to residents in unincorporated regions of Pueblo County (which includes Pueblo West and Colorado City).  Property owners interested in the Noxious Weed Control Program should understand that it is an incentive program with the purpose of controlling the widest possible area of noxious weeds in Pueblo County.  For program efficiency, nearby properties may be grouped together so that property evaluations can be scheduled on a day when several evaluations can be accomplished at the same time.


While the District can offer technical help on the control of any weed species, cost-share is applicable only to noxious weeds listed on the State of Colorado's Noxious Weed List.  The District does not determine what species are on these lists; those decisions are made by the CO Department of Agriculture.  The weed species on the State list are broken down into 3 categories: "A", "B", and "C".  A-list weeds have the highest priority for control (which is eradication).  Weeds on the B-list are the next highest priority for control.  Weeds on the C-list, while considered noxious, are the lowest priority.  Weeds on the State’s Noxious Weed List that can be found in Pueblo County are listed in the “Weed ID” section of this website.  Currently, the Noxious Weed Control Program for Pueblo County only provides cost-share for the control of noxious weeds found in the "A" and "B" categories.


To bring about the control of noxious weeds on their properties, applicants may choose to:

1)  hire a licensed commercial herbicide application contractor and be reimbursed for the 50% of the total cost from the Cost-Share Incentive Program  and/or

2)  treat the weeds themselves and be reimbursed for the cost of the chemicals from Cost-Share Incentive Program.

Commercial applicators must be fully licensed and will not treat properties until wind and other environmental conditions are conducive to the activity required.  While the District has made the option for landowners to perform the work themselves available, experience has shown that the treatments will probably not be as effective as the results gained from a professional application.


All applicants in the program will be required to sign a contract with the District that will include an integrated noxious weed management plan tailored to the needs of the applicant’s property.  The applicant must agree to allow District representatives access to their property and allow photographs and mapping of the weed locations before and after treatment.  In the case of large properties, landowners must agree to vehicle access; this may be pick-up trucks, SUVs, and/or ATVs used for evaluating, mapping, and chemical applications.  The District and its representatives will make every effort to keep activity to a minimum and show consideration for the environment in which they are working, including respecting fences and closing all gates.  Property owners will have to control their pets and livestock while the evaluators and applicators are accomplishing their tasks.


The program will reimburse applicants for noxious weed control when the applicant provides the following:

Granted permission for District representatives access to the property to evaluate, photograph, and map weed locations.

Signed a contract with Turkey Creek CD indicating applicant’s agreement to follow the noxious weed management plan included in the program contract.  Turkey Creek CD will re-evaluate all properties to ensure that applicants have complied with the noxious weed management plans included in their program contracts.

Submitted paid receipts as proof of purchase of the control materials (for those who perform the work themselves) and/or paid invoices from licensed commercial herbicide application contractors.


Land owners interested in participating in the Noxious Weed Control Program can fill out the contact form found in the “Contact Us” section of this website.  For further information or questions, please contact Turkey Creek CD by phone at (719) 744-5481.  Turkey Creek CD is a volunteer agency and does not employ full-time staff.  Consequently, enquirers will likely have to leave a phone message on the District's answering service.  We recognize the frustration of not reaching a live person but we have elected to spend the money that would have gone to hire employees as part of the cost-share for killing noxious weeds!  This doesn’t mean we don’t want to hear from you; we just ask your patience!  Phone inquires will be answered within five (5) working days so please be sure to leave a good number and time for us to reach you.


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