Resources for Rural Landowners

The following is a list of resources that can help rural landowners to properly manage the natural resources on their property.


Land Conservation Assistance Network (LandCAN)

links to the South Pueblo County Conservation District’s page and provides links to various sites with information for landowners about tax and estate planning and about conservation programs available to landowners


Small Acreage Management (SAM)

from the Colorado State University Extension includes information about rural land ownership and how to benefit from your land and the natural resources that go along with it


Arkansas River Watershed Invasive Plants Partnership (ARKWIPP)

provides information for landowners trying to control tamarisk (aka saltcedar) infestations on their property


A Guide to Rural Living

a document from the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office provides information for rural landowners including dealing with wildlife, fire protection, roads and property access, noxious weed control and living next to agricultural operations


Weed Management Preferences

a document from the Fremont County Weed Board has information about various common and noxious weeds and includes both timelines for control measures and what control measures to use


Special Report — Grass: The Stockman's Crop

a document from the United States Department of Agriculture contains information about native grass and how it can be harvested through livestock. It also contains information about managing grasslands for maximum production



This information has been compiled by your local Conservation Districts:

South Pueblo County CD and Turkey Creek CD

You can contact them at:

Address200 S. Santa Fe Ave., 4th Floor
                Pueblo, CO 81003




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